Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World

Kiwanis Club of Midland Fundraisers

The Kiwanis Club of Midland utilizes four (4) Fundraisers during the year to provide financial support to improve the quality of life for the people of our community with emphasis on young children.  100% of all profits are used to support Club projects and programs.

The Fundraisers include:



Annual Rose Days Fundraiser - The Club sells high quality, long-stem roses in red, yellow or pink with fern greens, rose food and care instructions.  Roses are sold by the dozen and are available for customer pickup or Club delivery.  (See 2012 Kiwanis Rose Sale Fundraiser on the Home Page to learn more about the Fundraiser and how to purchase Roses.)



Popcorn & Soft Drinks at the Midland County Fair - The Club operates a booth in a Fair Merchandise Building where it sells hot, fresh popcorn and an asortment of soft drinks and water.



Travel & Adventure Series - The Club sells tickets to a series of 6 color travelogues narrated by the artists who developed the films.  The Travelogues are shown at the Midland Center for the Arts once a month from October to March.

TICKET PURCHASE:  Your friendly Kiwanian or Midland Center for the Arts​


Year Round

"Script" - The Club sells gift cards to various retail establishments, both local, chains and online vendors at face value of the gift card.  These can be used as gifts for others or for regular purchases by members.